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An Independent Celebrant is someone who is qualified and experienced in delivering personalised ceremonies for weddings, funerals and memorials, naming ceremonies and vow renewals.

Independent Celebrants are not tied to any society or religion, and so, can provide what ever you want, where ever you want. We are able to design and conduct ceremonies which are religious, non-religious or anywhere on the scale between. From handfasting to a Jewish blessing or a symbolic ritual for all in attendance, it’s all possible. We can combine two spiritual backgrounds into one ceremony or if you are an atheist and want no religious or spiritual content at all, we design a ceremony around that.

So, practically, what does this mean?

In short, you will have more creative control.  You will work with a celebrant to shape the ceremony, usually focused on the people at the heart of the day, through exploration of their story.

For commitment ceremonies, this requires couples to undertake legalities at a local registrar, through a short civil service with two witnesses.  This is usually done during the week leading up to the big day; similar to how one might register a birth, then follow up with a christening - you register the marriage, then follow up with the wedding.

We are always happy to answer any queries - and please know there are never any stupid questions!  We understand the industry is so varied now that this can all feel like a bit of a minefield...

More information about Independent Celebrants can be found here. 

Independent Celebrancy: About

All Independent Celebrants are certified through the Academy of Modern Celebrancy, and we collectively vow (pun intended!) to fulfil personal, professional and wholehearted services across our celebration offering.

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